The jewelry

Handcrafted jewelry primarily fabricated in sterling silver, with the addition of 14kt yellow and rose gold fill, copper and brass as the market demands. You will feel the difference when you wear one of our pieces, they are outdoor and yoga inspired, and they are SPIRIT infused, share our good INSPIRED! Made in the USA. Our line nods to fashion and style, but favors pieces that are subtle statements showing off their simplicity, clean and sometimes sparkly lines and their quality workmanship. We love incorporating clasps as a signature design element, which appears as our front/side closure on many pieces. You will find that our pieces all have a special history that spans the creation, design and ultimately the travels of their owner.

Our partners

A big thank you goes out to all of our boutique and studio partners,who stock and sell our pieces with the same love and care that we do!
In addition, we work closely with local non-profit All is Well Foundation, selling our handcrafted jewelry through their fully volunteer run boutique, which directly supports and empowers individuals undergoing treatment for cancer, and the non-overhead donations of local charities.


Janet SetterMeet: Janet Setter
Role: Founder/Designer
Instagram: @inspired_betweenthepines
After working in the automotive aftermarket industry selling brake pads, headlights and truckloads of anti freeze, I elected to pursue a long time interest in designing silver jewelry. After a short, but intensive study at a silversmith studio, I returned home to create a small studio and began to experiment. Building on successful Bloomingdales and local ‘trunk shows’, Inspired, between the pines emerged.

All about making you part of the process, I love creating a special piece of jewelry that reflects who you are. I have a simple and thoughtful esthetic that stems from a love of the Outdoors (I am a NYS Licenced Outdoor Guide), a mindful and fun yoga practice, and a wonderful garden of family and friends.

Bonnie McGuireMeet: Bonnie McGuire
Role: Designer
Instagram: @bonnieemcguire

Growing up camping and hiking her whole life, Bonnie has always felt inspired in the mountains. After relocating to Colorado from New Hampshire after college, Bonnie expressed a strong interest in crafts and jewelry making. She is a marketing coordinator in the Boulder area who loves the outdoors and everything Colorado has to offer! When she's not running, snowboarding or hiking, she's working with her hands either painting, drawing, making DIY crafts, blogging or making jewelry.