Petite 14kt yellow gf prayer wheel on black sterling silver chain

$118.00 - $148.00

Your intention is a beautiful gift to the Universe...

Our original design and inspired by, and our interpretation of a Tibetan prayer wheel that spins, this pendant is the perfect way to spin an intention, phrase, mantra, special date, place, or persons name out to the universe, and also keep the very same, close to your heart; think of it as your gift to the Universe.

This petite, individually crafted wheel pendant in 14kt yellow gf is a bit over one half inch long, is continuously stamped in a simple UPPERCASE font and drops from a 16, 18 or 24” blackened sterling silver chain. Can you clearly read it from afar? Aah, it's a phrase meant for you to share as you wear it. Think of the individual letters as a design element that adds texture and interest to a unique necklace that is created especially for you or your recipient.

To order, select a chain length and the phrase of your choice from the drop down menu. Select "CUSTOM" to create your own phrase (maximum characters and spaces are 8) and place your "CUSTOM" request in the NOTES at checkout.

NOTE: This is a "blackened" sterling silver chain, which varies in color from black to a dark gunmetal color and may eventually lighten with wear...

Contact us for assistance prior to ordering, for options on size, wording, chain length etc or for expedited shipping options, we’re happy to help.

~our original design, each piece, one of a kind~