Measuring for a Bangle

Using a soft tape measure, tuck your thumb into your palm and measure around the widest part of your hand as shown OR take a 1/4" wide strip of paper and wrap around your hand (marking length with a pencil), then measure the strip of paper.

hand with measuring tape

Alternately, find a bangle that currently fits and lay it across a measuring tape as shown noting the inner diameter (i.d.) not the outer diameter (o.d.). Still not sure? Contact us or send the bangle that fits to us, and we'll figure out the sizing.  Please contact us before sending any jewelry in, for shipping suggestions and instructions.

bangle measure

NOTE: When using a tape measure be sure you are measuring from the "0" , on the top around your hand, or across the bangle (the metal piece at the end doesn't always represent the "0" Zero.
Questions? Contact us , or send us one of your bangles and we will do the measuring for you.